Get new clients into your beauty salon with Voicemail Bypass Technology

voicemail advertisingMany beauty salons rely on walk-ins and referrals to obtain new customers, along with passing out flyers or sending out direct mailings. Television and radio ads can be very expensive in a business that already incurs numerous expenses for supplies, hair products and tools of the trade. What if your salon could reach thousands of customers in a matter of minutes at a very low cost? Well, you can easily do this with Voicemail Bypass technology.

Our innovative system uses Ringless Voicemail technology to reach clients while using a unique delivery technique. Beauty salons are now turning to this technology for a good reason – because it works. By using this form of voicemail marketing, you reach thousands of people while keeping your advertising expenses low. Our system uses smart scheduling technology that can be programmed to send your message to consumers when they are most likely able to listen to the message. Your marketing instantly becomes “smarter” and so does your wallet! You have to keep expenses at a reasonable level to run a profitable beauty salon. Our Ringless Voicemail technology gives you an advantage over the competition by reaching people where they are the most – on their phones.

When you use our Voicemail Bypass technology, your beauty salon looks more professional because you are reaching customers with a voice instead of a flyer. You can tell people exactly where you are, when you are open and how to schedule an appointment. Your salon will benefit greatly because many others are not using this cutting edge technology, which puts you in contact with thousands of people. Contact us today so we can implement your customized Voicemail Bypass system for you.